Born to a Lebanese mother and a tribal Saudi father, I grew up in Lebanon and witnessed the tales of the civil war.  As a child going back and forth between Lebanon and Saudi  Arabia, and my lineage have provided me with my “Bedouin” identity, exposing me totwo of the most contraryand diverse cultures: I wasbrought up between peace and war and conflict and harmony. This left the child in me questioning humanity and its values and qualities.  My mother was deep into the tailoring and fashion design world and my father was illiterate, this instilled in me a thirst and hunger for exploration as I hunted for answers to the puzzled voices within my soul.  My solo journey began at 17 when my parents broke up and I witnessed the departure from family and abundance of a place called home to launch into life on my own with raw passion for arts, design, and cultural exploration, this journey lead me all the way from Beirut to Jeddah to Dubai, Delhi and Da El Salam. Living my life between those cities helped me find answers to my childhood wonderings, a deeper understanding of humanitarian values; love for the human race without boundaries soon took over and the Bedouin in me fell in mad love with the world to the point where I began to see the whole universe as home with openness to love, peace and true humanity.  My experience and passion for design, art, and branding is reflected in my work by way of sharp yet smooth shocks and sweet disturbances.  


 This is Bedouin , welcome to my universe .